What Tampa Homeowners Need to Know Before Ordering Curtains

Curtains are a fast and easy way to change the look in any room in your house, yet there is a lot that needs to be known before finding just the right set. Our guide will help you become an informed shopper when seeking our new curtains for your Tampa home.


To determine the right curtain size, you will first need to know the size of your window. Carefully measure the window and use these measurements as a base for determining which curtain sizes right for you. You will need to modify the window measurement in order to find the right current measurement, depending on the curtains you choose.

  • For Tab Top, Grommet Top, or Rod Pocket curtains, select a curtain that is 1.5 to 3 times wider than your window width.
  • For Pinch Pleated drapes, you can order a size that is the same width as your window or drapery rod, though you may wish to add a few extra inches if you want your drape panels to overlap in the middle. If you are hanging your drapes with a traverse rod, you will want to add extra curtain width here as well. If you are using one panel, add 5 to 7 inches. If you are using a pair of drapes, and 8 to 12 inches.

Make sure the length of the curtain will cover your window to a satisfactory length. Some curtains are designed to only cover the window, while others are designed to drape all the way down to the floor. Curtains can often be shortened for a fee.


Color is a very important aspect of interior decorating, and one that should not be left to chance. When ordering curtains, always request a color swatch of the curtains you are interested in purchasing.  This will give you a physical example of the material that will be hanging in your room, and you will know exactly what color it is. Ordering online leaves some color variants to chance. While online depictions of color may be helpful in getting a basic idea of what you were looking for, when it comes down to finding the right shade, online depictions may not be the most accurate. There is too much of the possibility of color changing slightly from scanning, photographing, monitor settings, and other lighting conditions, all which can affect the color of an image.

When you receive your color swatches, take them into the room you wish to install your new curtains, and compare them in that room. This will prevent any potential change in color due to different lighting conditions.

Light Blocking

Do you want your curtains to block light or to allow most of it into your room? This is something you should know before purchasing curtains, as different materials will yield different results for the look of your room. Darker colors tend to block more light while lighter colors generally allow more light through.

Thickness of the Fabric

While thicker curtains may give the impression of better insulation, be sure to look for thermal curtains, which use modern fabrics to provide superior insulation value. These thermal curtains will often have thinner fabric, as the material is utilized similar to cold weather clothing to insulate homes with less material required.

Maintenance & Care

Most curtains you will encounter will be either machine washable or require dry-cleaning. It’s important to know which one your new curtains requires prior to purchasing, so you get a better sense of the maintenance that you will be needing to give them down the road. While dry-cleaning may come with additional cost, keep in mind that Cotton curtains that are machine washable may be subject to shrinkage.

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