Pros and Cons of Ceramic Tile Flooring Tampa Homeowners Need to Know


Glazed, hardened clay is what makes up each and every ceramic tile that fits onto your floor. An ancient method of decorating is still just as relevant and beautiful today. In fact, the right tile layout can give your home a perfectly timeless look. Ceramic tile is especially ideal for some rooms in your home, though as with all flooring options, it may not suit every homeowner’s need. Below we explore the pros and cons of ceramic tile for your Tampa home:

Pros of Ceramic Tile Flooring

Ceramic Tile is Water Resistant
Glazed ceramic tile is remarkably resistant to water and moisture. Even in the most humid climates (like Tampa’s), ceramic tile will be the perfect choice for bathrooms. The glaze on ceramic tile acts as a protective barrier against both moisture penetration as well as staining.
Ceramic Tile is VERY Durable
Ceramic tile is difficult to crack. So much so that ceramic tile installations have outlasted civilizations in Ancient Greece, Rome and Pompeii, among others. Some ceramic tile installations from 2,000 years ago still exist today in pristine condition.

Ceramic Tile is Affordable
The costs of ceramic tile are significantly lower than hardwood flooring, even though both have significant longevity. With an average cost ranging between $4 to $10 a square foot, ceramic tile is an option for almost any homeowner.

Cons of Ceramic Tile Flooring

Ceramic Tile is Hard to Stand On
As a hard surface, ceramic tile is not the most comfortable surface to stand on for long periods of time. Unlike carpeting or other flooring options, there is no way to soften a tile floor with an underlayer of padding. If you plan on standing for extended periods of time in this room, tile may not be the best option unless you accessorize with a small accent rug.

Ceramic Tile Can Be a Slipping Hazard
The glaze on ceramic tile makes for a very smooth surface which can quickly become a slippery surface, especially when wet. Be mindful with how much water stays on the floor to avoid any expected slips and falls.

Ceramic Tile Can be Inconsistent in Color and Style
Tiles are created in lots, and each lot of tile can vary slightly from the other lots in terms of color, style or size. This can prove problematic if you buy tiles from two separate lots to take care of a large project such as your floor. Be sure to buy tiles from the same lot to make sure each tile is consistent.

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