6 Things to Know BEFORE You Visit Your Tampa Carpet Store


Carpeting your home is an investment that will last years to come. It is important to plan ahead when looking into buying carpeting for your Tampa home, as even simple mistakes made when selecting carpeting can turn into costly ones. With the right information, the salesman at the carpet store can help you make the right decision on the best carpeting for your home. Here are a few things you should know before you buy new carpeting:

How Big is the Room You Wish to Carpet?
Aside from needing the obvious dimensions for wall-to-wall carpeting, knowing a room’s size can greatly impact design choices. For example, color choice will help make rooms feel smaller or larger. If you have a small room you wish to feel more open, select a lighter colored carpet. If you wish to make a larger room feel cozier, a darker carpet will do the trick.

How Much Use Will the Room Get?
If the room will not be used often, light colors (including white) may be a suitable option. If you expect heavy use and a lot of foot traffic, a white carpet will mean asking for a lot of maintenance and upkeep. A darker color choice will allow for less work to maintain a clean look.

How Will the Room be Used?
Rooms that will be used frequently by children may be more prone to accidents or stains. Rooms near entrances to the outside will see a lot of foot traffic, and may be exposed to footwear containing dirt or mud. You may want to consider looking into carpeting that has been treated with stainfighters for a more resilient floor.
Alternatively, you may be carpeting the floor of a room in a home you plan on selling. This may affect the quality of carpeting you are looking at if you are looking to flip the investment cost with the sale of the house. However, this may inform a more neutral color selection to ensure a wider appeal to potential home buyers.

What Else is in the Room You are Carpeting?
Choosing a color for your carpet will mean selecting something that will compliment drapes, furniture and your wall colors. If possible, taking swatches of the colors of the items in your room will greatly help in making sure the color you pick will work in the room in which you plan to install it.

Does the Room Get a Lot of Natural Light?
Natural light is bluer than artificial light generated by most light bulbs, which will ultimately affect the way a carpet looks during the daytime. If your Tampa home planned room doesn’t get a lot of natural light, your carpet may look darker than you might initially expect, in which case you may wish to select a lighter color.

What is Your Budget?
Knowing where your budget caps off is important when selecting carpeting, as many features may affect price. Obviously larger rooms will require more carpeting, but be sure all of your estimates include the space for any applicable stairs in the room, as well as the cost of installation of the carpet, and the padding underneath the carpeting. If you are replacing old carpeting, you will want to factor in the cost of removal of the old carpet as well, to avoid an unexpected rise in your expenses.

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