DIY vs. Professional Carpet Installation: Which is Right for Your Tampa Home?


Carpeting, like any other flooring option, is an investment with a lot of costs upfront. Some homeowners may opt to try and save on a few of those costs by installing carpeting themselves instead of hiring a professional. But is that the right choice for you? When deciding upon carpet installation, Tampa homeowners should wait a few options before coming to a conclusion.

Points of Pride with DIY
DIY installation offers you a lot of control. You get to set the pace and schedule for when your carpet is installed, and you never have to let installers into your home. A DIY installation also saves you on the labor costs, which can significantly lower your expense for new carpeting. It can also offer a tremendous sense of pride, knowing you laid down your new carpeting, contributing even more to the look of your home’s interior décor.

Are You Up to the Task?
However, installing new carpeting is hard work, and if you do not consider yourself to be particularly handy around the house, you may not feel confident in the task at hand. This may prove especially true when it comes to renting and using specialty tools for the job, including a carpet stretcher, knee-kicker and seam roller.  You may also want to look at the new carpeting’s warranty, and make sure that it does not require professional installation. You would not want to void the warranty on your new carpet before it is even installed. It is important to know the condition of your subflooring underneath your carpeting as well. Any irregularities may lead to problems later, including floods or insect damage.

A DIY carpet installation may work for installing carpeting in one room of your home. If you are installing in more than one room, or the entire house, it may be better to hire professionals for that installation. Professional carpeting installation will require some scheduling and additional costs, but it comes with peace of mind, knowing that the new carpeting will be placed perfectly in your home and that any unusual conditions in the floor underneath the carpeting will be properly addressed. Choosing a professional installation also saves you the cost of disposing of any old carpeting.

Final Verdict
A professional carpet installation may cost more money upfront, but if you make a mistake during a self–installation could prove to be more costly anyway. One wrong measurement could lead to you needing to buy a whole new carpet, so make sure you know what you are doing before considering a self-installation of your new carpeting.

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