11 Tips for a Brandon Home’s Kitchen Remodel

Planning a complete remodel of any room in your Brandon home can be a daunting task, but the kitchen provides its own unique sets of challenges. The kitchen today is used differently than kitchens in previous eras. Kitchens today are part food preparation area, part workspace, part gathering space, and part dining room. Incorporating all of these features into a remodel will give your kitchen a fresh update, but may prove challenging at the same time. These tips offer some guidance to the Brandon homeowner looking to remodel their kitchen into a beautiful modern style.

1. Be aware of your current workflow when preparing food in your kitchen. Unless you are making improvements, don’t interfere too heavily with that workflow. Take a look at how traffic works in the space. Consider how traffic patterns or gathering areas might change is the floor plan of your kitchen were altered. For the sake of efficiency, make sure that your new floor plan includes a clear path from the refrigerator to the sink to the cooking area, with some counter space or other preparation area in between.

2. The importance of natural lighting and multiple light sources cannot be understated or underestimated. Having lighting that comes from the outside in will prevent harsh shadows from a singular overhead light which cast on to workspaces when one is trying to prepare food.

3. In addition to light, visibility into other parts of the home can be very important for families with younger children. Choosing doors and windows that offer a clear view out into the yard will make monitoring your kids easier.

4. Opting for slip–resistant floors will be a valued safety measure for homes with kids or clumsy adults.

5. If you plan on moving the sink or major appliances, make sure that you have access to appropriate electricity, gas lines or plumbing in their proposed new homes. Not being able to reach these lines can prove disastrous later on in the middle of your remodel.

6. While hanging onto older major appliances may seem like an economic choice, from a design perspective it is better to start off again with brand-new appliances. Keeping a consistent look will make for a better room design overall.

7. Designate a space for garbage and recycling bins. Whether they stay out in the open or hidden within a cabin door, knowing where the trash and recyclables will go will help keep the kitchen tidy and prevent waste from piling up.

8. Choose a countertop surface that is easy to care for and just as easy to work on. Choosing the wrong material can lead to a high maintenance cleanup or a surface that gets worn or scratched up rather quickly.

9. Keeping your kitchen knives on a magnetic strip along the splash back will help ensure that they are safely restring end, and away from the reach of children.

10. Consider adding an island to your remodeled kitchen. As long as your room has enough space to allow for one, and island does a wonderful job in adding utility and versatility to a kitchen. It also helps divide the space, allowing for a gathering point that is away from the food preparation. An island can be utilized a number of different ways, from additional counter space to the new home of your sink or dishwasher. The addition of an island allows you creativity in planning and executing your remodel.

11. Plan for storage and lots of it. Plan out enough storage space to hold all of your kitchen items, and then some.

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