4 Things Tampa Homeowners Need to Know about Bathroom Cabinets


The process of buying cabinetry for your bathroom is very similar to that of buying cabinetry for your kitchen. Many of the same aspects of what to look for our similar. As with any home renovation, a well-thought-out plan is your best step to ensuring your remodel is a success. Here are a few things to look for before you go shopping for a new bathroom cabinetry.

Plan Your Layout and Budget First
The amount of cabinetry you need to order for your bathroom will vary greatly depending on the size of your bathroom as well as your needs for storage. Unlike kitchen remodeling, do not necessarily expect to spend up to 50% of your budget on cabinetry.

Cabinetry Comes in Four Grades
Bathroom cabinets are graded based on quality and material the same way that kitchen cabinets are. Here is a quick rundown of cabinet grading:

  • Ready-to-Assemble (RTA): Designed to be budget-friendly, these cabinets come in boxes and are sold in chain stores, requiring assembly before being installed at home. Size and style options are typically limited as these pieces are mass-produced. While costs are kept low, the project will still require a lot of skill to properly install, so you may still wish to have a professional install the cabinetry.
  • Stock: These mass-produced cabinets are pre-sized but are already assembled and serve as an economical option, which also feature limited size and style options. Most bathroom cabinetry varies a bit in size from kitchen cabinetry, often a bit shorter and not as deep to accommodate smaller rooms. Stock cabinets are typically made of either laminated particle board or solid wood.
  • Semi-Custom: These made-to-order mid-range cabinets offer higher quality materials and some flexibility in sizing and designs. With more options for accessorizing, as well as more styles and colors from which to choose, a personalized look can easily be achieved.
  • Custom:  Perfect for odd-sized baths, the homeowner has complete control in size, style, material and finish of these high-end, made-to-order cabinets. Sizes are tailored to fit your bathroom precisely.

Looks Aren’t Everything

Don’t just think about the aesthetics of your new bath cabinetry. It is very likely that the items stored in your bathroom will be used on a regular basis, so take some time to explore features of various cabinets, such as yours specifically for bathroom items such as hairdryers or cabinets with electrical outlets already installed tool out for ease of use of bathroom appliances.

Durability Counts
Bathrooms get a lot of foot traffic and use throughout the day, so it is important to select cabinets that can withstand heat, wear and tear, and exposure to lots of moisture.

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